What is Thinking of Europe?

"Thinking of Europe" - this is the motto under which the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft will bundle its activities in its Europe programme in the future.

Preserving the European idea and understanding it anew: under the heading Thinking of Europe we invite you to reflect on the current state and the future of Europe. In the face of national debt crises, refugee disputes, illiberal tendencies, and not least the corona pandemic, we Europeans have our hands full with preserving what we have achieved and defending it against the return of national egoisms.

Why Thinking of Europe?

Crises in particular call for a common vision that provides an objective for the solidarity so often called for. With Thinking of Europe we endow such positive visions of the future with a platform and provide impulses that have an impact beyond the political day-to-day business. We do not only analyse its actual state, but also consider Europe as a space of possibilities.

The Europe we want to reflect and talk about with you is more than a continent. It is an idea. And ideas can only become effective if they are thought through, shared with others and developed further together.

In doing so, we are not only looking at Europe from a German point of view. Rather, we want to learn to see it also and especially through the eyes of the others. Mutual understanding makes cohesion possible - the prerequisite for the European Union's continued ability to act. This is particularly true in view of the change in the global balance of power and the major challenges such as digitisation and climate change.

How does Thinking of Europe work?

We will address this concern in a variety of formats. The first project under the new heading is the scenario process "Digital Europe 2030". Further projects devoted to the future of Europe will follow in 2021.

Current activities "Europe"